Jack’s Berries Fallen


The world begins anew every year with the walnut leaves a-yellowing
And the cold smack of beaver tail telling the pond to fill
Seasons of bright red berries and berries fall,
Jack’s berries fallen from the pulpit, dogwood swiped and swept, spice-bush a glossy glowing
And we could follow the green dragon trail to more red berries
Along the ridge where the ginseng sings and those berries are red too

The world begins again with aching lungs heaving thick with giant ragweed pollen and up goes the tulip log with the heavy side pushed to the back of the truck and others flipped and levered in
Stopping and watching as the lungs remember how the world began again last year in the same way with this autumn spider web spun across the face of the earth

The world begins anew in this morning dew
Because three-quarters-an-inch of rain hasn’t satiated us through August and half of September
So long roots reach further or we drop our leaves and close our eyes
To dream winter arrived and make plans to wake in spring with wet feet

Soon even the brown leaves of the oak will blow across the ground
But now they are dark green and catching the rising sun
As the world begins again



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