Clockwise Like The Sun (“нар зөв”)


We’d been listening to grandmother’s labored breathing
As we lay sleeping in the yurt
Then her breathing stopped

And she died in dark, middle of the night
And we got up and hung a curtain across her bed
And brother and mother strained to straighten her legs
Which had been bent as she laid there many days
And we went back to sleep

At dawn, brother rode out on horseback
North to tell the relatives
And he came back and rode south to town
To tell the relatives there
And the people who keep records of such things
The time of death

And from the north the relatives brought another yurt
And it was set up just beside ours
But without any stove

And mother prepared the body with some of the aunts
Changing the clothes and putting on the makeup

It was not yet winter but the body froze
In the yurt with no stove
And people came from the south and north
To pay respects

Circling round the body
Clockwise like the sun


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