On the Topic of Sustainable Modern Humans


The farm we toured was less than 10 years old
The land inherited
The focus of the tour was a method of hog raising,
Pastured in the woods, that had been in operation for 3 years

I looked at the bare under-story and
The mature oaks in the canopy,
The pigs in their cravats, leaning on golden canes
Snapping up acorns as quick as they fell

So it’s become conventional to talk about sustainability
Something we Homo sapiens have disregarded
For at least 12,500 years
After we made the turn round Tierra del Fuego
And enjoyed  the savory bits along the edges of bones
Of giant kangaroo across the whole of Australia

While Neanderthals gesticulated for moderation
Our ancestors clung tightly to their very heavy views
“Someones reaction to my perspective is not my baggage”
So even then we were zealots
And there are definitive marks on mammoth bones to prove it


image source


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