Great Saint Hawking Chestnuts


I need you everywhere
Not just in Istanbul ubiquitous
I need you across this country
Not just in New York City sporadic
I need you in Ames, Iowa and Athens, Ohio
In Albany, Ashville, Akron and Ann Arbor
So much more than a food truck
Miles and miles and miles beyond a grocery store
Buy my chestnuts
I’ll pull them from the burrs
2$ a bag for the people on the street
Wonderful people I’ll never meet
On the sidewalk they peel
In the orchard I kneel
Sky scraper trade
In Castanea shade laid
I need my ideas on the streets
I need my seeds in your body
That we may grow strong again
All of us
Across this great nation
Yea, this great belt of the world
Wherever good seeds fall
In those cities I need you
Good pilgrim, great saint
I need you, hawking chestnuts


Photograph: C. Miller


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