So Grow Little Tree Grow

Wulp5DSC_0469.NEF copy

Like a fruit tree, of course
How else could it be?
Pruned hard and
Leader leading,
No branches touching
God thinks confidence is needed,
Or is it faith more pure?
She comes by to say
“Ain’t no codling moth to worry about”
“Ain’t no Eastern tent caterpillar eggs on your branches”
“Pretty and straight” she says admiringly
As if she hadn’t done the pruning herself
Her acting proud is to help with confidence
“We’re never gonna let no vine twine ya” she says
Walking around stem
“And if it don’t rain, don’t worry
I’ll mulch ya” she says.
Soon the sun will burn off every thought of her,
Every memory will go
And sitting in the place where you
Know everything you need to know
It’s just a matter of waiting to grow
And growing is just life what life is, you know?

March 31, 2015

Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal

Art by John Wulp


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