When Innocence Meets Affirmation In the Backdrop of the Paris Climate Talks


I would I were there to hold Innocence in my hand
Not to guide her, not to pull her
But to wander blithely through the streets
And up the steps of Sacré Coeur

But I’ll be on the edge of the wild woods where I stand
And Affirmation will be there in Paris
Naming every wind that blows and
Twineing tickets on ideas quick as mirror flash

Affirmation will tell her:
Innocence, you are beautiful
Innocence, you are naked
Innocence, you are real

And my only fear is that Innocence will
Believe her, for though those things are true,
She should not believe

For Innocence will be corrupted by belief
And I love her as she is

So it is my hope she will remain
True to the questions that drive her
As Affirmation fires furiously about
The infinitude of her qualities and subtleties

It is my hope
She plays in her response
“Oh, am I?”


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