In a Foreign Tongue


Have you ever spoken, thought, dreamed
In a foreign tongue?
Have you ever argued, wooed, loved
In a foreign tongue?

I tell you, it is a strange thing
To live like that,
Really live,
In a foreign tongue

Because, there you are, as you have been
In a mother tongue,
Reacting as you react, thinking as you’ve thought, being as you’ve been.
That one
In a mother tongue

And this one is something else, this is someone else,
This is someone
All together different than that one.

This one in a foreign tongue
Thinks differently, reacts differently, is differently

Stranger still,
Is when you like this one
In a foreign tongue better
Than that one in a mother tongue

For tongues make men
As tongues make thought
As words make visions
As absurdities make poems


Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal


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