Coldest Day In 29 Years


A poorly located wood-stove heats the house
I kneel before it, thinking holy
Making offering, making cremation, warming myself
I am like the willow bent down by the snow
Branches on the ground, crown bowed, supplicant

I found myself talking to the fire
“That’s it”, I said
“You’re doing a great job”
Then I went out
Snow to my knees
Song sparrow come close
Canes break like candy

Where the snow dropped from the branches,
And the wind from the north-west came across it
I walk on top

Crossed the creek to call on a Russian friend, Dolgo
“My feet are warm”, she said

It is the coldest day in 29 years and I can’t keep from going out
I will burn my face in the wind, looking
I will marvel at my fingers going numb
These are the days to feed fires inside you

Make offering
You’re doing a great job

January 7, 2014

Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal



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