Across The Firmament Sail


Looking closely,
She starts to doubt free will
And wonder who or what’s watching it
Play itself out

And sometimes riding on the speed of light
She can touch the whisker’s edge that comes just before

So she questions what’s holding the system together
Being inside looking out, being outside looking in

And she knows that should the world tire of being saved
She might then let it believe in its own perfection

For she can form space between her bare hands
Till she swims in it thick as seas
Captive only to her watery breath

And when she asks me, “Does philosophy matter anymore?” I say
Of course, I’m speaking to you, aren’t I?

This blood beating, these lungs rising
This wind blowing rampant

And thoughts, in great billows
Across the firmament


Art by Steph Roberts


7 thoughts on “Across The Firmament Sail”

  1. I wonder sometimes if it would be easier to be at peace if unaware that free will can be doubted and if untroubled about what holds the system together.

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