Blue-eyed Guru


When you abandon yourself to emotion
Really and completely

Sometimes it happens (maybe always I don’t know)
That something remains, watching

I’ve never fallen at the feet of a guru in India
Weeping uncontrollably and kissing
But maybe it is the same

You see and know people are watching
But still, you are abandoned, unmodified behavior
Living pure emotion

At the same time, from within or outside, the thing watches
From unmovable peace, it watches

Perception is shared or shifts to the watching
And emotion so pure goes right through

But I don’t know too much about it

Maybe its different with anger
Because you’re not “supposed” to feel anger

All I know about is that moment
I met my grandmother on her deathbed

My blue-eyed guru


Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal

Art by Pablo Picasso


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