Not So Tightly

keiichi tanaami artist

Cannibalism was never all wrong
Nagasaki was never all right
The holy crusaders
Who know the only answer
Embrace the worst evil
The idea of exclusive truth

It comes on slow

One day you wake up
Look in the mirror and think
“My hair should be this way”

Childhood is over,
Your opinion matters

And the march begins
Toward refinement
And supremacy begins

But I don’t want to dance
With fascists

I don’t want to comb my hair
If I have to care that much

I don’t want to believe
In right and wrong

At least,
Not so tightly


Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal

Art by Keiichi Tanaami


6 thoughts on “Not So Tightly”

  1. I always get to sit right in the center coming here and dissolve into everything else. This isn’t praise exactly…that’s too singular…it’s prayer..or whatever it’s called. I am not in the least bit religious but I sure like your song.

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