Mary Oliver Has The Sea


This weekend I cracked my first book of Mary Oliver’s poetry, Thirst
And I’m glad I did
I have feeling that her thirst is the same as mine
And though her composition may be more fine and she may pack more practice in to each line,
On one think I know we agree
Indeed, when I read
It it is like, “Oh, yes!
This is what I have been fumbling to say”
I came out of the lecture hall
After listening to Wendell Berry
And there was this great beech tree standing and
I knew something about true poetry and what a poet is
It is a secret I will not tell you
I will give you a hint though
Wendell Berry has the river
And Mary Oliver the sea
Abbey has the desert
But what about me?
I have nothing
But I had a red-headed woodpecker once


Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal

Art by Winslow Homer


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