Come & Go


Sometimes she feels like she can take it on
And she says, “Let me do it
Let me be ridiculed, let me fail
Let me lose, I will do it for you
I will take on more and lay myself open
And I will show you what remains,
What arrows pierce and what blood drips
But breath fills and arrows can not find
What remains, what abides
When the shell is broken and shed”

Other times she is torn “Between stayin’ and returnin’
On back to the South”
Between believing in everything she ever was and the free fall
Between her child and the world
Between the heart and the sap wood
And she says “Let me cut my losses but when the time is right
When the steady board can support my weight
When every green apple is blushed and basking
When the ferment bubbles and bites to explode its casing
When he hits me and the mortgage is paid off
When my child won’t sleep on the floor and the tree is so
Full of spile holes that the sap won’t flow
When my wings are full-grown and I’m no longer alone”

Someone told her that these feelings come and they go
But she is only in them
And she lays down teetering on edge
To see what she will find
When eyes open again


Art by Waking Life


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