Oh, Sweet Revolutionaries


I’ve thought on occasion about
Painting this landscape in fruit and nut trees
Milkweed, oak and aster

And I took a certain satisfaction in knowing
That with the help of the birds and the wind
The seedlings I’d nurtured would spread beyond

But the Khmer Rouge said
Something similar
“The rice fields are your canvas
The hoe is your pen”
They said

They have their own ideas
About what revolution is
And I have mine
I say it is better to spread joy

Hearts on fire
The only true fuel
For a proper revolution


Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal


2 thoughts on “Oh, Sweet Revolutionaries”

  1. I can’t wait to paint my own landscape that way…
    Of course there I go again with the hope stuff. I thought of you immediately after Ben’s recent post….

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