We Rode Bikes To Sugar Camp


We rode bikes
To sugar camp
Close to midnight
In the middle of the week
While a light snow
Fell through our headlamp beams
We fed the fire
Topped off the pan with sap
And rode fast down hill
On the way home
Along the pasture
Passed the pond
Through the orchard
Into the yard
And onto the porch


8 thoughts on “We Rode Bikes To Sugar Camp”

    1. Looking like another run next week. And we may be able to lace up the ice skates again this weekend. We finished 2 gal of syrup a while back and have 40 or so gal of sap sitting frozen in the woods. That first run was early but not out of our recent range. 2012-2015 we tapped 26-Jan, 10-Feb, 4-Mar and 7-Mar respectively.

    1. Start with 1 tap and a milk jug. Don’t even have to boil it down. Just drink it. Easy. Syrup is SOOO much cheaper and easier get started in than honey in my opinion.

      1. Actually I have done it before, I used it in a beer I made. I carved the tap from a maple branch and drilled it.
        At this point, it’s about distractions. I’ve got big goals and wants have no place here…

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