The sky a Mongolian blue
The February ground all white
And my blood therein, thereon upon
As Red as the hen was right


Art by Gina Nelson


4 thoughts on “Colors”

  1. I read for a while last night (while I couldn’t sleep) about Mongolia, the geography, weather, language, and fauna, and how it’s sometimes called Land of the Blue Sky due to the large number of clear days.
    I’ve become intrigued with Mongolia, noticed the mysterious elegance (at least to me) of cryllic writing, and stopped to notice the beauty of “trivial” bits of nature more often, due to reading your blogs. I noticed a 50+ member flock of geese flying in formation while flying home on the highway this week. I wished I was somewhere quiet so I could hear them pass.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Scott. I’ve kind of been wanting to write about Mongolia and a lot of things. Writing as myself, I am slowed down. I have some good stories from there I think. Last night we walked around the wetland the woodcock was peenting. We’re off to do another boil all day today. As soon as I finish my coffee. Hope you get all your building permits and what not, find your quiet places, get some good sleep. peace…

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