Good-bye Will

why is a plum cake like the ocean

Here is a promise:
The sun will come closer
The winter winds that whipped will cease
And all will become thick and close
And the rhythms will be the beat of hawk moth wings on dark, warm nights
And pheromones drift and pollen slides
And the spring frog calling will quit
And be replaced resplendently
With the trill of the American toad in his doorway

So now’s not the time for resignation
Now is the time as it ever was
To do thy will, or my will
Or if thou will not, then good-bye will
And still,
The sun will come closer



2 thoughts on “Good-bye Will”

    1. Yeah, we’re supposed to have a string of below freezing nights too (thankfully, as my pruning hasn’t even started). Our spring frogs are going crazy though – peepers and western chorus esp. Amer. toads usually start in 2nd week of April for us. This weekend the red eared sliders were out on the logs sunning.

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