Listen Carefully Now

Now my striving is very subtle indeed
Like the fact that I have a very respectable leather bag,
10 years old and almost like a brief case
Whose surface is worn and probably should be treated or at least kept out of the rain
Its something a tad better than Indiana Jones would carry and probably it was expensive
As would befit a gift from my step-mother, a used-to-be fashion model with the very best of taste
But I have replaced its shoulder strap with that from an AK-47
And I go along silently humming to myself
The natural mystic blowing on the breeze


Art by W. Kandinsky


3 thoughts on “Listen Carefully Now”

  1. I think I know the striving you’re talking about… The kind-of outwardly conforming, but inwardly breaking away on your own path? I know the feeling…

    1. Perhaps it is a very American thing. I remember one of the things I always admired about the Beats was how they just wore khakis and white t-shirts. It was more about the quality of being than the outward show.

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