They Told Me So


I know that my land is better than your land
Because the red-winged blackbird told me so
Not with his song but with his wing
Which shines brightness unparalleled

And while your red-winged blackbird
Attempts to alight on a post
As slowly as possible
To hang there in the air
Mine does alight on nothingness
And perches in ether
To hold breathless all that will see
And listen to his calls
Every sign pointing to perfection
Before he lands
And flashes again his shimmering wings

And I know that it is my land true and through
Because the mocking-bird told me so
Not with cheeky rasps as we fought over June berries
But as he incorporated me into his repertoire
And added me after chick-a-dee
In the song that rings on
Through the day
With every voice fit for repeating
So I know it is my land
This fine place
And I know I belong
Because I am in his song


Previously published in
A Swineherd’s Journal

Photo by Trailblazer


2 thoughts on “They Told Me So”

  1. Hi Chris, I enjoyed this very much. Your ethereal red-winged blackbird has found a perch in my awareness. I have a new friend now. The birds are such beautiful creatures…


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