To be in the woods
Wandering without purpose
To look closer, stop and listen
To turn, follow and observe
To breathe, feel and be
In the woods wandering
With purpose


Art by Sandy Williams, Jan Porinchak and Larry Smail


woodland spring by Larry A. Smail


8 thoughts on “Purpose”

    1. Wandering without purpose in a city is pretty good too. In fact, I’m having trouble thinking of a place where wandering without purpose doesn’t sound like fun. Perhaps the DMZ?

      1. Yes, I suppose one must try to stay on the brighter and more welcoming streets, and cross the road if something feels funny, but you’re right maybe the knot never leaves entirely. Perhaps I am just a white male walking in cities owned by privledged white males?

  1. We just wondered, with purpose actually, to get to the largest sequoia all day, but got lost in the mountains twice, and then ended up without purpose eventually. 🙂

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