True Spring Returning


A million spiders built webs to catch
A billion hatched, winged insects on
A million old stems of last year’s blooming

A parade of players,
Acting ghosts of golden rod
Glory in the morning

As showy a field
Summer rarely yields

From titmouse in oak: “Peter, peter
Do you see? The world has spun and spring has won!”
He calls and calls

Out in the morning the traps are clear
A world of plums are blooming
First Japanese then American now European
Sweet Damson, green gage, yes, white blossomed page
Heralds of love and true spring returning!



3 thoughts on “True Spring Returning”

  1. Boy the redbuds were blooming on 65 into Nashville. Beautiful. I think if I took a time exposure while driving it would have had a 15ft tall purple band along the road. I’m starting to notice them around here too. I should get into my woods to take an informal inventory… Seems like spring started off with a bang around here, but is now taking its time. Still exciting though.
    Best Regards

    1. If you’ve got a lot of ’em and haven’t tried eating the flowers before, they’re pretty good. The younger the flowers are the better, even before true bloom.

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