Black Snake Moan


On the way down to the creek where it flows across the flat rocks
You go under the big black walnuts
Passed Sugar’s grave
And the brush pile adorned with wild raspberries
And into that I saw the big black snake disappear
Wondrous, maybe gravid

“When we first came to this land”
We built brush piles for wildlife
But now I’ve had enough of the little rabbits that snip service berries,
Chew the carmine jewel, the Asian pears, the Italian plum
So most of the brush plies are gone

Still, the rabbits kick about in the swamp rose
With backdoor entrances they jump in
And somewhere they have nests where the females pull fur from their chest
Perhaps in one nest there is a rabbit that cries out, like Leadbelly
“Oh, black snake crawling in my room”


Art by Richard Lewis



8 thoughts on “Black Snake Moan”

    1. Our dogs, I think, keep away the majority rabbit of predators (fox and coyote). They don’t interfere so much with vole predators: our cats, feral cats, hawks and owls. The voles are thus a smaller problem… I’m finding gnawing things in general to be disagreeable.

  1. We have a resident ground hog that has an expensive horticultural palette. I hope he likes the cantaloupe I’m putting in the “have -a-heart” trap and his new digs once he finishes the melon.

    1. I have no experience there but I feel like ground hogs are a species that our dogs could handle. Good luck to you. I remember M. Pollan telling some good stories about his success/failure in getting rid of them.

  2. You might be surprised at the critter troubles we have in our small city here in the mountains. The ground hog is bigger than our cat and quite used to his burrow under the garage. The squirrels,raccoons, opossum and occasional fox are plentiful enough but leave the plants alone so we live peacefully. (except when the squirrels eat the tomatoes the moment they ripen to perfection) No dogs unfortunately to advocate for the garden though! Come to think of it, I wonder if the ground hog is keeping the rabbits at bay. Plenty of those too.

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