Remember Spring?


When the blue-grey gnatcatcher nested in the seedling plum
Before the tree had earned it’s name, “fairy pink sherbet”

The frogs were tiny and our discovery
Depended on the depth of our examination

And we sat in the corner of the pond
In the still canoe
Listening, looking

Tonight the candle may flicker on the alter
And we’ll try to shut out the glow of the harvest moon as she passes

All we can do is offer it up
The moments passing,
The life in hand,
The thoughts and dreams we are


Photo: V Wilkins


10 thoughts on “Remember Spring?”

    1. Thanks. Hope all is well with you. Are there any others you think I should post that I haven’t and aren’t on my list. I’m running out of ideas and preparing to move on to something else.

      1. Thanks, Chris, I am not sure which others. I love all of your writing, it teaches me so many things. Enjoy and have fun with whatever you decide to embark on.
        I am ok. Home-less, job-less, stuff-less and less in every way, living on wheels across the country, and taking kids to Lithuania next week for the whole summer for some strawberries and Baltic Sea dunes and beaches. Take care, and stay in touch. I will have spotty internet connection, so probably not much WP time.

  1. You have often inspired me to listen and look more, yet it seems that despite good intentions I hurry around instead. Today I was walking down our farm road, probably the only human being within a mile, and it suddenly dawned on me that birds were singing all around me and I hadn’t noticed them. You’re wasting this life, I thought to myself as I slowed my pace a bit.

    1. I’m with Bill. I catch myself stopping to watch birds overhead, or listen to frogs, etc. You’ve inspired more observation, Chris.

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