Waiting For The Tri-Axle Man


I love the way the chest-high asparagus catches the morning dew
Clothes itself in tiny droplets and lightens its hue to blue
The mullein flowers open to the morning
The puppy moans on her chain
The rooster crows
The spotted cat sleeps on the wooden spool
Fledgling robins in the juneberries

My good friend Bob White calling
As I go down the drive to open the gate for the tri-axle man

The gate bumps the elder stems thick with satisfied flowers
So that they rain down
In a snow of white stars
Open ornaments to string on a spider web

And I pause,
Here on the height of my hill
And gaze about

Ruby throats flashing
Humming birds dashing about my ears
The gray cat licking his foreleg
The colorful beach towels draped on the white fence to dry
The old truck loaded rainbow-style with cattle panels
Morning glories climbing
The songbirds out of the oaks to flutter and catch an insect
Are you open, are you listening, are you watching?

Are you still alive
Everything is always asking

And so I see that I am
And sip my coffee
Waiting for the tri-axle man in the morning



4 thoughts on “Waiting For The Tri-Axle Man”

  1. You’ve really found the beauty of everyday life in this poem, I am so glad I clicked to read it! I especially love the beginning, it really puts me in the scene, I can see it so clearly! And the line, “the elder stems thick with satisfied flowers” that is simply lovely.

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