When the elderberries bend down and the carolina wren is calling, the moon hides in the blue of the sky.

Morning and afternoon we harvest Dolgo crabs and pick up american plums before mowing. Later we snack on zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers.

The black walnuts are starting to fall.

The CD player has stopped working. So while cooking supper and cleaning we listen to old cassette tapes. I’ve had the album The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt for 25 years.

We swim everyday. The children insist upon it. In the afternoons a 5-10 mph breeze kicks up and the water is clear. Cold spots well to the surface.

We float in the center of the pond and watch a king-bird work the insects off the top of the water. The sun starts to set and a green heron circles. He sets up in a snag and waits for us to clear off for the night.

In the evening we watch It Happened One Night with Clark Gable.

And given two and a half days, the weight of the object that bends us
to quiet desperation seems lighter.

As Mississippi John Hurt sings, “this is the hammer that killed John Henry, but it won’t kill me.”

DSCN7216 DSCN7343


13 thoughts on “Lighter”

    1. I think there are folks living like us. They’re just not blogging about it and most of them probably don’t live in the USA. Thanks for the comments. May you swim as much as you desire!

  1. Such beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing the lightness of summer. You got bees!!! 🙂
    We spun out some wildflower honey in Estonia and dipped toes in the wild beaches of Latvia and fished with my uncle and ate the fresh crawfish in Lithuania… and kids insist on restarting the whole trip. 🙂 There are definitely folks living like that, thank goodness for their/your keen appreciation of this beauty, and bless you/them. Let your lightness be everlasting.

  2. Hey Chris Been trying to comment to you, Kristina and Ben for many moons but my computer doesn’t allow, can’t figure the thing. Always very much Angst when i did comment too, as you said, “if you miss the mark, it pierces the heart”. I am still able to get your poetry and it always fills my heart… Love you brother, NeoNoah.

    1. Very glad to hear from you. I had been thinking about you. Peace be with you. I’m glad you read that one Straight from the Heart because it was. My heart to yours. Peace be with you, Brother. You’ve come across.

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