Oh, Mary

Measure the moon again
And I’ll be out with the Perseids
For it is our magic to stand still
As the world spins


Songs from cassette, 1993



5 thoughts on “Oh, Mary”

    1. Those are Michigan from the U.P. I recommend the white mts. The climbs are nice, like real mountains but doable for normal people. I think the peaks are named after presidents – jefferson, adams, etc. there is a trail that goes to all of them. I think we did that or part of it. And if you go to Boston I can tell you some special places.

      1. Thank you very much!! Will do. Have some time in VT, NH, and ME. Not sure if I have it in me to explore Boston, but you never know. Best of luck to you guys with all the summer and fall harvest. I am looking forward to be back in the Midwest for the PawPaw season. 🙂

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