Back Home


Going back home, where the wind knows me
And the dirt keeps me,
Where the sunshine bends for me, protects me
I was a soldier in the fight and I fought till we won
I’m going to lay down my heavy load
I’m going to sing a song that echoes up the valley
And the migrants who pass will tuck my song into their breast
And fly through the longest nights
I’m going back home
Where the slow water is brought up and my children run everywhere
Where everything is different now
And I can give you this moment


Photo: Chris Childs


12 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. “I’m going to sing a song that echoes up the valley
    And the migrants who pass will tuck my song into their breast”
    I used to work “art” with migrants in their camps at night after we’d all gotten out of the fields. They taught me a lot. I know they’d like these lines….

      1. Thanks. I was checking out your farm site a while ago and it looked great. I was thinking of getting ahold of you for some tips on berries, orcharding and nut groves, if we decide to take the time to plant this fall.

  2. This photo has been stuck in me ever since I saw it on your page. As has been one of your poems, the short one you read about the frogs, an occasional car passing and children calling. So much so, that I asked the folks here where to find frogs in Arizona and they just looked at me. πŸ™‚ Spring without frogs is just not the same. Eventually, I located some frog habitats in one of my favorite valleys here. Revisiting your beautiful poetry is always a treat, good to see you brought it upfront. Happy International Poetry Day, and happy writing!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey, thanks for the note. More to clean up for sure. Wish I had time to go back through and read/delete stuff I don’t like anymore. I remember the one I recorded that I think you’re talking about… it was just talking.. never put on paper or typed πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s how it should be done. Good idea. We love the frogs. catching lots of peepers and chorus frogs. We build many new ephemeral ponds and the frogs are loving it. There are eggs everywhere. Be well.

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