You can never come back to now


The wasps looking for a way in, a bean field swept clean, a great orange moon that rises through branches and clouds

They pick up walnuts by the wagon-full and she sits patiently missing a finger, plucking goji berries for the old man whose prostate is to benefit

She was excited to find potatoes under the blanket mulch as we made little holes to insert the music and little holes to insert the elephant

My girl greets honey in the morning and we’re thankful that she eats walnuts, cracking them alone with a hammer and a stump for a seat

They’ll crack easier if she gives them a chance to dry

The boy says she’s wasting them (by not getting out all the meats) but the birds will come down, the rodents will sneak out on the drive and brave their little lives to clean up after her

Besides she’s developing a certain expertise with a hammer and what do we need to live and be happy but a puppy to share walnuts with?


Time for a bird to be restless on wing
Time for a snake to settle


4 thoughts on “You can never come back to now”

  1. I liked your Koan: can you ever come back to now? I liked that girl with the hammer and honey and walnuts. Sounds like you are having a great first honey season!
    When we were staying in Estonia, the father of the family brought out the combs, and five kids from three different countries took turns opening the combs and spinning it out, they did not speak a common language, but those little fingers scraping holes into the comb and scooping honey into their mouths, seems they all spoke a common language of sweetness. 🙂

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