On Rainbow Chard After Rain

On the bright lights
And rainbow chard after the rain
I want to see if there’s anything to lift my spirits
Dry the tears and give me everything’s been lost

The tree frogs are calling across the pond
My daughter’s kayak sounds like a war drum as she blazes to shore
Still, I can only half-open my eye
And I don’t have the courage to plunge in – that’s been lost too

Lost vigor and clarity, brave rigidity
The hoe left out to rust

I can barely tie Goliath to the stake
Or remember when I was David

But I remember days like these
In years past, the hot Augusts after the rain
And the aphorisms of the weak
To never take for granted
And remind others the value of their health

I’m looking out among the bright lights
And all I find is a killer stalking there
And she is so beautiful that I hold her a while
Naked and green on my finger
Till she wearies of my caress


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