Masanobu Awakes

I could see that all the concepts to which I’d been clinging, the very notion of existence itself, were empty fabrications. My spirit became light and clear. I was dancing wildly for joy. I could hear the small birds chirping in the trees, and see the distant waves glistening in the rising sun. The leaves danced green and sparkling. I felt that this was truly heaven on earth. Everything that had possessed me, all the agonies, disappeared like dreams and illusions and something one might call “true nature” stood revealed.
– Masanobu Fukuoka, from The One-Straw Revolution


5 thoughts on “Masanobu Awakes”

  1. Emerson wrote somewhere that all of nature is either beautiful/joyous or drab/forlorn as our emotions make it. If we are happy, the natural world appears happy. If we are depressed, the natural world appears depressing. Is that true, Chris?

    1. I think it can be. But more so I think it is like Masanobu says, belief in concepts is not truth. Of course, beautiful/joyous, drab/forlorn, these can be concepts too. Surely, emotions color our world but concepts about these emotions, or the colored world they inspire, may lead to suffering. “I am sad b/c my dog died” – fine. “And the world seems grey” – fine. “Why did my dog have to die? It should not have died.” or “I should not be so sad because my dog died – I need to be happy.” – maybe problematic… In general, I don’t recall the natural world as ever appearing drab or forlorn. Sometimes, based on my mental state – if the arrow is missing the mark so to speak, I will have a tendency to look at things around the farm and focus on what is undone. Then I will notice that that is what I am noticing (because it can feel overwhelming) and let it go. Sometimes it goes in the opposite direction and I notice that too…. Anyway, right now our Reliance peaches have all been picked. But the Intrepid peach in the front yard is just ripe and ready and I have never tasted an Intrepid peach before. So, it is possible to ascribe no beliefs to truths like these – and the emotions that they inspire are similarly true. So, that’s perhaps a long explanation – hope it makes sense…. Reading your question again, I changed my mind. I whole-heatedly agree with Emerson, if you are wearing lamb-skinned slippers – the whole world will be lamb skin. Lol. Ask me again in 5 minutes…

      1. I have been enjoying the idea of (something like), what does this moment owe me to live up to my expectations? The quote you gave a while ago from Adyashanti. It doesn’t always work for me, but it does more than it used to…
        I have noticed my similar tendency to concentrate on things still undone, etc.

      2. I think what helped me most, is accepting my own humanity, just the way it is. With that somehow comes the lightness of it all, the welcoming of all the things, done or undone, the small steps, like a simple rest for illness, a drink for thirst, a walk for need to be alone, or first task for the list. And with that lightness, the agonies do vanish, like Masanobu says, and colors stay vibrant for longer and longer periods of time, and if they do dim, you welcome that period as well.
        Plus isn’t is awesome that there are so many things still to be done! šŸ™‚ Imagine if they vanished. LOL

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