How’s your life?

Life is busy. And that ain’t right. It’s hard to take a few minutes and string some lines together in prose. Poetry is quicker. You can do that while you’re driving.

Don’t know why its gotta be busy like that. Just trying to keep the people happy I suppose, and the animals are beautiful people. It seems I’m rarely doing just exactly what I prefer to be doing.

And what do I prefer to be doing? Lord knows anymore. Used to be was just a-walking between a baguette and a museum, a-sitting under a tree on a park bench with a book, a-scribbling notes, looking about. Maybe now it’s marching along down my ‘to do’ list a-crossing stuff off. Sure feels pretty good when it’s anything out in the woods.

How’s my life, she asks. Oh, it’s about the same as yourn imagine. It’s on its way to perfection, like anybody else’s. That’s what my life is doing. It’s making its way to perfection and a-taking its own sweet time about it. While I wonder why it don’t just a-hurry up.


7 thoughts on “How’s your life?”

    1. Oh, it is a funny joke that we’re choosing anyway. And where on earth did I get my a-device anyway? I wish I could a-turn that off. 🙂

  1. It’s hard not letting the to-do list own you. I’m finally realizing that no matter how many things I cross off, more are added to the bottom. And amazingly, if I take a day off, not much changes overall, so I may as well go ahead and enjoy the time while I can.

  2. I enjoyed your voice here. Ah, yes. On its way to perfection. Mine too. That last line… You and I both know now is all we’ve got. And you and I both know that’s easier said than done.
    I got a big looming task on my to do list done yesterday, moving the pigs to a new pen. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined. My boy helped a ton, and he was super proud. 🙂

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