War Over Apples & Beauty

Forgive me if I don’t join the circus
The cows are bawling and the food experiments are a failure

Out in the woods the pigs are on dirt
They’re on dirt and this is a glorious thing, don’t you recognize?
But better still I would move them to a new patch of ground
Where they can hold forth against the roots and pluck worms
Nimbly under noses

Soon the acorns will fall
With loud metallic clatter, they’ll rain on the barn roof and roll down, they’ll be raked up and swept
And carried out to the forest gods,
For what is sacrifice and what is surrender
Achilles laid his armor down and went out to wreak havoc among them, Patroclus the acorn

It was a silly war when the ideas were young
The oaks, the hogs, the men and the soil
We had wolves and spears and sought justice in the midst of folly, our peculiarities and pride
Our downfalls and successes
And it was all holy till we bought into it
And ceased to live the myth
So here am I to carry you back

Just so the circus ceases, just so the engines hum and shut down
And you can hear the insects again
They’d been working their noises this whole time
We will have bones again I tell you
And cream will sit heavy at the tops of our steaming drinks
Every flower head nymph will be respected
Every honor bestowed
And we’ll step around her where we stalk through the woods
We’ll bend low under the web not to break it

The war will once again be as silly as the gods have deemed it
It will be their wars again
Wars over apples and beauty

Art by David Ligare


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