4 things

I have four yellow garden spiders
Out by the loading chute
Webbed among the tangled maypop vine

I have four hollyhocks a-blooming pink,
Round the white outhouse
With tulip stump steps (twenty-four inches in diameter)
Up to the door

I have four wheels on the gray stock trailer
To match the gray truck
So in debt we suck
But I don’t give a lick

I have four dependents out caterwauling
In a teal Sedona
At the galleries fetching paintings
And holding up frames
To see the pictured world

I have four things to remember:
Eat cabbage,
Harvest corn,
Love my neighbor and
Get a building permit from the county
If the structure is larger than 150 square feet

Art by Delilah Smith


5 thoughts on “4 things”

  1. Are you sure about the permit? In Kentucky, if you’re on agricultural zoned property over a certain acreage, you can build farm related structures with no permit. Good luck anyway. I’m hoping to never file for a building permit requiring inspections again, ever. Can I be nosy about your building plans?
    Hope the art gallery trip went well.

    1. Not sure exactly. I did ask the Assessor directly when he was out at our property for regular inspection on Saturday and that’s what he said. But I haven’t got into the details. We’re planning to put up a shack out on the other side of the pond. Not going to build this ourselves but buy one ready made by the Amish then improve it. Wish we had time to build it ourselves but it is what it is. I’m going to dig into the requirements (and if they apply) this week b/c it is larger than that by a little @ 10′ x ’16. We’ll see…

      1. Cool man. Hot tip: whatever its purpose, it is not for habitation. They get super strict and protective about that.
        Hey, don’t get apologetic about not building it yourself. We are buying all our food, and more than I’d like to admit, it’s packaged. Sigh.

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