the world burnt away

what would my words be
were I not wary
and were they words for a whole audience,
for a crowd
from my lips and
sounding from my tongue?

but they are soul to soul words
I do not speak to crowds
nor intersperse poems with calls to Friends
we’re alone together in the star-light
you and I
we’re on the mountain-side fire dying
we’re deep in vanilla pines
just us, together, hiding from the dark
in the fire-light dying
just you and I
my words a whisper

I don’t have to say it, Friend
you don’t need to hear it, Love
we are only all we ever were
I and you, we together
sending secrets through ancient channels
the blues in the coals
the holes in the ashes
the hearts melted
the world burnt away


Art by Winslow Homer


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