4 thoughts on “Button bush in bloom”

  1. Do you/ can you use ground cherries? Those are the small yellow tomato looking fruits growing in wild brush, right?
    The toads my kids catch look more like Fowler’s toads than American. I’ve been calling them the wrong name I suspect. I’ll look more carefully next time.

    1. Hey. We never had ground cherries growing wild but maybe you do. Look up Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry for descriptions. Yes, we eat them all summer. The patch we have established is on the way to the big pond for swimming so mainly we use as a trail snack.

      1. Thanks. Um, you’re right. Looks like what I saw was horse nettle. But I had seen that Rare Seeds listing for ground cherry also. Glad I didn’t gather any… But I’ve only noticed the yellow fruits after a freeze and snow, so they’re not terribly attractive then. (good thing…) That’s in an area in back that’s pretty flat and had been cleared for who knows how long. You inspired me to let it go wild a couple years ago, and soon I’ll cut a path or two through it carefully with the brushcutter, then keep them mowed. Maybe plant some interesting things along the path. (sound familiar?)
        Speaking of trail snack, the kids and I were biking in the Taylorsville State Park three weeks ago, and happened on some stonefruit on the ground that looked like red/yellow grapes except larger. They turned out to be American Plum. They were excellent. Last weekend, there were none to be found. Short harvest window.

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