An Evening W/o Articles Or Pronouns

Found ripe LSU gold fig Bulbous, open slightly With sweet drip Dangling there Slightly sexual Took in To wife who washed dishes Broke fig in half Put half in wife's mouth Went out Got another fig Repeated operation With halves and mouths Back out Reached up Plucked Enterprise apple Rubbed clear Took inside To wife… Continue reading An Evening W/o Articles Or Pronouns


Great God almighty yellow jacket, don’t sting me no more

Its getting dark earlier. The air cools quick. Fog rises in the usual spots along the creeks and in the valleys I pass on my way home from work. We've had a lot less days above ninety degrees than we've had the past few summers and it has been dry. The rains that started the… Continue reading Great God almighty yellow jacket, don’t sting me no more

Looking For Poems & Ignoring the National Consciousness

We are creatures of routine And it feels nice to have my own tea again With our own milk And sit down in the familiar sounds Even if my wife rearranged the furniture while we were gone I'll be going through my notes this week But I didn't write much while we were away Mostly… Continue reading Looking For Poems & Ignoring the National Consciousness