Rough green snake

Rough green snake, Opheodrys aestivus.

Caught young possum

A young opossum got into the metal trashcan that holds dog feed. We relocated him about 5 miles down the road.

Set up a new hive from swarm

Our hive swarmed about 15 feet up into a sweet cherry tree. I captured them using a ladder and am EZ Nuc box then dumped them into a deep super with frames and some drawn comb. Later, I added a frame thick with honey (and a little brood) and put a feeder with 50% sugar … Continue reading Set up a new hive from swarm

Mulch mowing the new orchard

The new orchard is mowed monthly. The riding lawn mower blows the grass clippings to mulch the rows of  thornless blackberries, hazels, pawpaws and persimmons.

Watering cows when the small pond dries out

The cows are in the south pasture. The small pond there is too dry for them to drink from so we supply 275 gallons of water transferred from the big pond every second or third day in stock tanks.

A Brief Study On Leaves

A Study On Leaves (1 of 2): “This is not a leaf.” A Study On Leaves (2 of 2): “This is not a computer screen.”  

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