Roar Out The Birdsong

This morning I looked through Jack Spencer's book, This Land; An American Portrait. The images of Nebraska store fronts, decaying colleges in New York, lone trees in agricultural fields, bending roads, shorelines, the vast American west, wet Georgia forests, et cetera. The book paints portrait of America lost and remembered. The agricultural landscapes empty of… Continue reading Roar Out The Birdsong

First Time Buying Food In 2 1/2 Months

Yesterday we broke our run of not buying food. It had been going really since late February of this year. So I guess we only made it 2 and 1/2 months. Two and a half months we went without buying food from anywhere or anybody. That's pretty good. We don't plan on really quitting and… Continue reading First Time Buying Food In 2 1/2 Months

Apricots, Farms and Christians

Last night as I milked the 3 cows (Poppy kicked over half a bucket, thanks very much) I thought about this business of milking cows for a family's milk and for feeding pigs with. Now we have 4 pigs. I thought about the little heifer calf that we'll trade or sell so we can keep… Continue reading Apricots, Farms and Christians

Sounder Sounds and Tiny Teats

The calves are a week and a day old. Their left over umbilical attachment is only now drying completely and coming off. It'll leave a small, open wound and we keep them dry in the barn. Outside, the barn lot is a sloppy mess. The cows and us their hominid disciples, trod slowly through the… Continue reading Sounder Sounds and Tiny Teats