Bootstrap Farming 10 Years In

We have lived on this farm for 10 years almost exactly, since July 1, 2007. It is a long time. We came here so excited that first night and camped on the porch before my brother arrived with the box truck the next day carrying our bed. It was just my wife and I and… Continue reading Bootstrap Farming 10 Years In

Seven In The Morning, On a Monday

It is a cool morning, the temperature just above 50°F. Early this morning or late last night and the deep of sleep, I remember trying to ask my wife to throw on an extra blanket as she was getting out of bed to use the bathroom but the words wouldn't come out. When I woke… Continue reading Seven In The Morning, On a Monday

Notebooks, Novels, No plans

I might forsake the farm and leave every tree I ever planted for "notebooks, novels, no plans" like she says. But then, we still have to eat don't we? It is a tricky thing this body requiring fuel. So poets envy plants. Green at their chlorophyll. Plants and sun-staring yogis. Bodhisattvas that sit so long they're wrapped… Continue reading Notebooks, Novels, No plans

I’ll Leave It To You To Piece It Together

Today was supposed to be a slow soaker, a light drizzling drench that lasted all the day long. There were 2 inches in the forecast and that's evaporated to .78" maybe around noon. I'll believe it when I see it. The ground would have drank 2" of rain like it was nothing. 2" wouldn't have… Continue reading I’ll Leave It To You To Piece It Together

Peaches Will Carry the Weight

I keep wanting to write more but I think I'm legitimately too busy to do it. I have a series I'd like to put out called "Letters Back" about farming and homesteading that I've just started composing but then I've started a million other little series like that and they don't seem to get accomplished.… Continue reading Peaches Will Carry the Weight