Sounder Sounds and Tiny Teats

The calves are a week and a day old. Their left over umbilical attachment is only now drying completely and coming off. It'll leave a small, open wound and we keep them dry in the barn. Outside, the barn lot is a sloppy mess. The cows and us their hominid disciples, trod slowly through the… Continue reading Sounder Sounds and Tiny Teats

Greenbriar Makes You Run Fast & How to Eat An Oak Tree

For the last few years during greenbriar shoot season the following conversation has taken place. "Pa, does greenbriar make you fast?" And I answer, "yes, fast as a deer through the woods." This is between me and my youngest son. It comes from the fact that I told my oldest son something of that sort… Continue reading Greenbriar Makes You Run Fast & How to Eat An Oak Tree