An Evening W/o Articles Or Pronouns

Found ripe LSU gold fig Bulbous, open slightly With sweet drip Dangling there Slightly sexual Took in To wife who washed dishes Broke fig in half Put half in wife's mouth Went out Got another fig Repeated operation With halves and mouths Back out Reached up Plucked Enterprise apple Rubbed clear Took inside To wife… Continue reading An Evening W/o Articles Or Pronouns


Bootstrap Farming 10 Years In

We have lived on this farm for 10 years almost exactly, since July 1, 2007. It is a long time. We came here so excited that first night and camped on the porch before my brother arrived with the box truck the next day carrying our bed. It was just my wife and I and… Continue reading Bootstrap Farming 10 Years In

Peaches Will Carry the Weight

I keep wanting to write more but I think I'm legitimately too busy to do it. I have a series I'd like to put out called "Letters Back" about farming and homesteading that I've just started composing but then I've started a million other little series like that and they don't seem to get accomplished.… Continue reading Peaches Will Carry the Weight