I’ll Leave It To You To Piece It Together

Today was supposed to be a slow soaker, a light drizzling drench that lasted all the day long. There were 2 inches in the forecast and that's evaporated to .78" maybe around noon. I'll believe it when I see it. The ground would have drank 2" of rain like it was nothing. 2" wouldn't have… Continue reading I’ll Leave It To You To Piece It Together

Apricots, Farms and Christians

Last night as I milked the 3 cows (Poppy kicked over half a bucket, thanks very much) I thought about this business of milking cows for a family's milk and for feeding pigs with. Now we have 4 pigs. I thought about the little heifer calf that we'll trade or sell so we can keep… Continue reading Apricots, Farms and Christians