Notebooks, Novels, No plans

I might forsake the farm and leave every tree I ever planted for "notebooks, novels, no plans" like she says. But then, we still have to eat don't we? It is a tricky thing this body requiring fuel. So poets envy plants. Green at their chlorophyll. Plants and sun-staring yogis. Bodhisattvas that sit so long they're wrapped… Continue reading Notebooks, Novels, No plans

I’ll Leave It To You To Piece It Together

Today was supposed to be a slow soaker, a light drizzling drench that lasted all the day long. There were 2 inches in the forecast and that's evaporated to .78" maybe around noon. I'll believe it when I see it. The ground would have drank 2" of rain like it was nothing. 2" wouldn't have… Continue reading I’ll Leave It To You To Piece It Together